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Internet Marketing

Since 2011, Wredia Co. has been providing professional web services to businesses all over the country.

Videos and Ads

We have been a part of creating over 50 promo and commercial videos to help companies show off a little and a lot.

Complete Security

Every website we host is tested for security vulnerabilities and comes with SSL at no extra charge. With us, you can rest easy.

The Client Questions

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Get An Estimate

Use one of the links below to fill out an estimate form. You can request an estimate for a security service, a new website, a website redesign or a commercial/promo video. If you are looking to get pricing for a mobile app use the contact form at the bottom of this site to get in touch. 


We are able to keep operating costs to a minimum, doing our best to provide industry level work at a cost anyone can afford. With Wredia Co, you'll get the best for less.


We pride ourself with industry quality video production and web site designs. To us you are worth more than a template or piece of stock footage. You deserve top quality,


You can count on us to bring your vision to life using max efficiency without losing sight of the necessity of quality. Count on us to deliver just what you need every time. 


Have questions? We have answers...

  1. What kind of videos do you make? - All kinds, from startup how-it-works videos that focus on the product to TV commercials that are heavier on brand.
  2. How much does it cost? - Typically, $3K is a good starting point. Although larger production companies would easily charge $150K, so yeah, we'll work with you. 
  3. Do you do animated explainers? - Yes! We do. Just let us know that you would prefer the video to be animated and we will jump on some great concepts for you! 
  4. How long does the whole process take? - Depends on the project. Usually it takes about a month from start to finish.
  5. How long does it take to build a website? - Also depends on the project. A good average time would be about two months to make sure everything is juuuuust right. 
  6. How much does the average website cost? - Every site is built custom from the ground up. The average cost for a 4 page site is about $1200. Contact us for an accurate quote.
  7. Would you do a website and video as a package deal? - Yes! In the end, it would be cheaper for you to have us do both at the same time. 


Our clients range from small Mom-&-Pop shops to Regional Medical Centers with projects ranging from websites and commercials to training videos and apps.



Don't Compromise

Great design, whether film or web, can be seen in those projects that didn't cut corners. 



We believe that innovation is the basis for good design. Promise as much as possible, deliver more.


Test. Test. Test.

Nothing is worse than releasing a new product only to be plagued by problems. We test.. a lot.  

We are listenin'

Have a project you want us to start? How bout just need a quote? What about just a chat? Yeah, do that here...


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